Hi, My Name Is Tituba. Welcome to my site.


My original Dad brought me her for a visit and for my new Foster Mommy, Jo Ann, to watch me while he went out of town. I was adopted by her and My new Dad, Mark. My original Dad went to jail. Hope his Ok.

 Update on Dad: His out and looking fine. He visited, I wasn't sure it was him. But he did say he missed me.

My name Mommy says is from the Salem Witch Trails. I was named after a witch who was burned at the stake. I am 9 months old now. I came to them when I was 7 months old.


Enough about me, visit My new foster Mom's site, her Daughter's site, her Kitten Matty's site and my foster Mommy's Dog Bogey. Oh by the way, he make a great scratching post. Oh almost forgot, I told Mom what to write. Mom, Mom.... Now where did I put that mouse? Matty, have you seen my mouse?

If you want to meat my brother/scratching post click the above link.

If you want to meet my playmate click the above link.

My name is Tita
Vampire Pet
I was adopted at the
Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Vampire Animals